Why Twitter?

Twitter better than Facebook?. Well here tastes vary, I personally like Twitter best, in fact for topics of dissemination of content, virality, and as a marketing tool is much more useful, but I must admit that I also give a nod to Facebook. Let’s see differences and advantages from one front to the other to see if we come to a conclusion among all.

The specialization of social media is a reality. Google + is a perfect social network to gain visibility of the search engine’s hand, Pinterest and Instagram are big audience social media, but they work better for companies that have to communicate with still images. If being on YouTube is essential for those who use the moving images and to reach their audience. However, when it comes to really connect with people, Facebook and Twitter win the street.

But, look, Twitter allows you to make more connections with who you really care about, develop conversations and encourage business options. It is true that all that is possible also with Facebook, but with Twitter is easier. We explain why we think it is:

Facebook is not an open book (and this is a pun). You can only interact freely with those who are friends. Twitter can be used more easily as a conversation tool and to locate those we want to see virtually in front of us. In that sense, also Twitter is better than Facebook in this.
The simplicity of Twitter. Twitter offers a simple, easy-to-understand interface. By limiting the number of characters in your content messages, it is easier to use, to visualize on mobile devices. Twitter is fast and more direct from Facebook on this level.
Twitter looks good on mobile phones. The tweets are more visible on mobile phones and to find the people you want you do not have to use in depth to provide the additional geographic location information that asks you Facebook, you only have to place in the small box of Twitter the Name of the person, institution or site you want to see to get in direct contact. Just that, and it’s a good difference. Twitter better than Facebook also on this level.
Audience size
Number-differentiated hearings. The number of people you can get on Facebook depends on the friends you have, on Twitter you can reach more people for less time, but we also have the possibility that we retuiteen the messages to infinity and beyond if what we say has Echo Viral.
Optimized searches on Twitter. On Facebook you update your state with a status entry. On Twitter you can share keywords in your updates. It can be said that Twitter, in this sense, operates with a conversational search engine. Keywords are a way of locating people who have the same interests in their conversations and therefore can also be part of their general interests. Nothing comparable to the limited qualities of Facebook in this regard.
New New people. On Facebook Your community is formed by the people you accepted as links. On Twitter You meet new people always. What’s more, sometimes the system gives you visualizations of conversations that are in tune with what you like or what you do. These are surprises that come in very well for your profession or for the work of your company.
Hashtags. Twitter hashtags allow you to enter conversations on the same topic. On Facebook, doing the same thing is going at the speed of the bad horse.
Timeline personalization. On Facebook, the timeline is filled with everything that comes by work and grace of what the users are doing that you are joined. Remove those photos of empalagantes pets, remove the funny post without grace or curb the most blatant publicity is task of striving. On Twitter It’s easier, you can create filters to format the perfect timeline. Another reason that makes Twitter better than Facebook.
Social media parties. Twitter is like a permanent party with invitation always available. Facebook is a bar that only certain people can enter. And you may not be among them.
Real-time news. The ease with which you can upload posts as news to Twitter has made it become a social network very followed by those who want to be informed the minute. Journalists use Twitter to be aware of what’s going on. For something it will be. Facebook goes more to the context of things and their interaction, in comparison, is slower and heavier.

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