About Me

I am John Scott,

I am a shy transformed , I was afraid to even say hello and raise my hand in class … and today I have a reputation for courage, perseverance and audacity , after having overcome many obstacles in the personal and work.

Finally I found my strength and my Personal Brand . The one we all have … and I’ve learned from life, my career and my own transformation.

I have experienced:

The restart from scratch, make difficult decisions .
Throw myself to touch new doors.
To persist.
Address diverse personalities.
Sell ideas and projects in which I firmly believe.
Troubleshooting .
Transmit with all my passion a message that contributes to large, medium and individual audiences.
Learn to read people, companies and manage my fears .
Mother, wife, reinvented in adulthood, I love animals, plants, walk, travel and write. I wanted to be a singer, actress, social worker and decorator of spaces. Finally I graduated as an attorney and I have not stopped studying about human psychology. I am a fan of creativity, cameras and live radio, I admire and apply resilience and tenacity in people.

Today everything is part of my recipe when it comes to helping in the transformation of people and I apply everything I have learned in my life.