Twitter Marketing Strategy: Social Media Marketing That Works!

Twitter Marketing Strategy

Many companies don’t think about creating a Twitter marketing strategy, but for businesses looking to get the most out of their online efforts this is a major mistake.twitter marketing strategy

There’s no denying the importance of social media marketing, but not all platforms are created equal. While Facebook is often seen as a sexy choice and businesses often scramble to find the newest social media website and to jump ahead of the curve, far too many companies don’t realize the power of a rock solid Twitter marketing strategy. Twitter remains incredibly popular even as many other social sites have come, become popular, and then disappeared.

Tested Your Brand Message Hashtags

One of the first things you’ll want is to have your own active Twitter account and several branded messages that fit in a hashtag. While it can be tempting to have just one, and if you get one that goes viral then run with it, figuring out which hashtags will catch on and which won’t can be difficult. Even if a hashtag doesn’t go viral, being on brand and on message with something memorable is still an important part of spreading your message.

You can test early to see which ones catch the most attention and which ones just seem to fizzle out. Go with the branded hashtags that get the most response. Run with it so when your focus on the more high impact areas of Twitter advertising will get the maximum positive effect because you’ll be prepared for that flood of attention.

General Hashtags Attract More Attention

When it comes to using a good Twitter marketing strategy, general hashtags tend to get a lot more attention than really specific ones. This makes sense when you think about it because a lot of people will look for general topics of interest or general topics to follow, but they’re not searching for super specific terms. In other words, in a lot of ways it’s the opposite of really good SEO strategy.

Don’t be afraid of the power of general hashtags. When used correctly they can be a major part of a larger Twitter marketing campaign.

Is TweetDeck A Powerful Tool Or All Hype?

TweetDeck is an excellent option for individuals who are managing multiple accounts or multiple account campaigns. This is a tool that makes managing those various accounts/campaigns much easier and helps track results. This will be right in some situations, but for others it just isn’t going to be as important, especially if everything revolves around a single account or campaign.

Having the right social media marketers on your side can help determine how your campaign fits (or doesn’t) with this tool.

Celebrity Endorsement Tweets

This has consistently been a powerful Twitter marketing method that has performed incredibly strongly and shows no signs of slowing down. Whether this is a series of sponsored Tweets from a popular general celebrity like a famous musician or actor, or from an “industry mover” – the type of individual who is extremely well known among a target audience group or niche, these endorsement Tweets have repeatedly proven to be effective as it is a relatively inexpensive way for a message to reach a very large number of followers who actually care about what’s being shared and/or said.

In Conclusion

Twitter might seem like the old grandfather of social media websites based on age and a steady strategy that has remained relatively the same over the years. This has shown an incredible staying power as other strategies have come, gone, and failed. Marketing effectively on Twitter continues to actually produce results that many companies, entrepreneurs, and businesses have been thrilled with.